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A small RPG game created in 17 days for competition SPONGIA. Built on LibGDX and released on Android

In this wiki, we'll describe the functions and characteristics of this game. Hope you enjoy! Any help is appreciated :)

Please note, this wiki will (most likely) contain spoilers!

The story of the games Edit

The protagonist of Dungeon Madness is Hovomir, a warrior from Ushamoor. He ventures into the Dungeons of Turamaix, which has been taken over by the evil wizard, Moirlog, whom seeks to take over the world!

Moirlog raided Turamaix long ago. He slowly started clearing out the elaborate dungeon systems which Turamaix is known for. Many, many, MANY, MANY people hid in those dungeons to hide from Moirlog's wrath.

Moirlog killed them all. And using his dark magic, revived them as undead creatures, zombies, skeletons, zombies, zombies, skeletons, vampires, imps, zombies, skeletons, skeletons, and skeletons!

Hovomir is going to have to fight a lot of undead goons if he wants to find avenge all those that Moirlog has slain...

But everyone is confident in Hovomir's abilities, surely he'll come back a few months later with Moirlog's head!

After Hovomir didn't return for a few months, sadness fell upon Ushamoor.

Etarow, (the star of Dungeon Madness 2) the great wizard who brought Turamaix into prosperity, barely escaped Turamaix when Moirlog took it over.

Moirlog was ruthless, and destroyed both Ushamoor, capital of warriors, and Turamaix, capital of wizards.

Few survivors escaped to distant parts of the wilderness, with no guarantee of safety.

Etarow became a poor salesmen in the outskirts of Ushamoor, but later he went back to Turamaix to seek out Hovomir.

If he can find Hovomir, they might be able to keep their city from the reach of Moirlog.

Warriors and wizards have had a very stable relationship... of conflict, war, and death.

Even though the alliance of wizards and warriors was great, wizards, by nature, thought themselves higher than warriors.

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